Daily Cup of Yoga

{Isn’t this an amazing video of Joseph Encinia, 2011 World Champion of the Bishnu Ghosh Cup?
He subscribes to a slightly different yoga philosophy of 99% practice, 1% theory…}



[Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Mariska Breland, founder and instructor of Fuse Pilates, where she reminds us of some essential principles of muscle anatomy.]

A fundamental truth of anatomy is that an overly tight muscle (or connective tissue) will inhibit its opposing muscle’s strength.

What was once the result of MS-related weakness for me has become a structural issue from walking not-quite-right for years, to walking flat-out-wrong for a few years beyond. Structural issues are formed from habits. These habits can range from anything, for instance, from talking on the phone too much (creating that kink in the neck) to poor posture. Today, unless I’m standing, my ankle doesn’t come up to…

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